Unique architectural funeral urns, memorial urns and cremation urns. Artist made from precious materials, these custom designed urns are especially created to hold the cremated remains of a loved one. Incorporating symbolic architectural styles from around the world, each urn reflects a unique journey and is one of a kind.

Some urns contain a second compartment to hold a treasured keepsake. Others, a custom handmade book to preserve a personal story or long forgotten aspect of a family history. Each urn has a suede sleeve to hold a CD or DVD to keep and preserve precious images and significant music. Some urns incorporate carved or calligraphic panels in the interior.

Using exotic woods such as lace wood, ebony, rose wood and cedar for the primary casework, urns can be inlaid with amber or lapis lazuli, and embellished with gold leaf, antique ribbon and lined with silk textile. Each urn is finished with a hand applied bees wax finish.

Through thoughtful design, each urn celebrates and recognizes the unique journey we take through life.

Available as one of a kind custom pieces, I invite you to contact me and discuss your specific requirements, so I can create a truly unique urn that will be treasured now and for generations to come.

My work has been featured at One-of-a-kind Show, Toronto, the Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft and the Interior Design Show, Toronto.

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