I have always been intrigued and fascinated by architecture. As a young boy I played for hours with wood blocks, trying to create fantasy buildings I wished I could visit. I loved sketching buildings and began to read all I could about the history of architecture.

I studied art and design, museum display, illustration and book making in London England and developed a particular interest in ancient history. I have worked as an illustrator, furniture designer/maker and design instructor at NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I have traveled much of the world, visiting iconic buildings in many exotic destinations. Along the way I have collected unique, hard to acquire rare artifacts, antique ribbons and textiles, amber, jade and other semiprecious materials which I incorporate in my urns. I am now creating unique, architectural funeral urns, memorial urns and cremation urns that reflect architecture and the cultures I have visited.

Having experienced the loss of many loved ones myself, I bring an honest and compassionate perspective to my work.

Choosing a funeral urn is a difficult, emotional decision. The urn defines the very personality of the loved one we have lost. Through discussion and exchange of information, I can create a funeral urn, memorial urn or cremation urn that uniquely reflects the individuality of the person we look to honour.

I have been deeply moved by the discussions I have had with grieving clients and friends struggling to do what is respectfull and right. I know I bring an intuitive sense to this difficult decision. For over 15 years, I have created many unique funeral urns. As you can see from my gallery of memorial urns, cremation urns and funerary urns, they each reflect a different and highly individual approach. They are the result of understanding what it is to make the most difficult of choices and bring some peace of mind to honouring those we cherish and miss so much.

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